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Open House Carpet Protection is your one stop shop to keep flooring and other surfaces pristine.

Have you ever thought about how much money is wasted in cleaning things that should not have gotten dirty in the first place? Even more important, have you thought about how much you would have saved if you had protected them before it became an issue? We did. And those thoughts led us to the protective services we offer today.

Open House Carpet Protection is all about saving you money on future cleanings. We offer protective services for a large variety of surfaces. As the name implies, we have protection for carpets. But we also protect much, much more.

As far as carpets go, we carry perfect automotive carpet covers. These are great for auto detailers, mechanics, and used car dealers, as the plastic covers easily outperform the paper or cardboard competition. There is no need to worry about it getting wet or slipping under foot. RV carpet protection is also available! For more information on our automotive covers, click on the “Automotive” tab.

We also offer residential carpet covers, which can protect your carpet during moves, during parties, while you are redecorating, or for real estate open houses. For more information, check out the “Residential / Real Estate” page.

Like we said earlier, though we specialize in carpets, we also work to protect other surfaces that may get damaged or dirtied easily. We offer hardwood floor protection, sticky mats, and counter covers. We also offer Wreck Wrap. This innovative product acts as a perfect weather barrier to protect the interiors of vehicles with broken windows or sprung doors.

And on top of all this, we offer FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING in the continental United States. Protecting your surfaces has never been so easy!

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