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Carpet Cover Adhesive Plastic Carpet Runners

Carpet protection

3 mil self adhesive back plastic clear polyethylene runner. Reverse wound, sticky side out for ease of installation. For alternate sizes or pallet quantities of the adhesive plastic carpet runners, please call office for a quotation.

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Carpet Cover / Film for Moving Day

Carpet protection film

Moving day is particularly hard on carpets, especially if it's raining, snowing or the movers are walking up and down a muddy drive way. Carpet Cover to the rescue. This is the type of protection film that protects carpets from dirty feet on a temporary basis. 2 widths available for your convenience. 24" x 200' and 36" x 200'.

Carpet Cover / Film for Parties

Carpet protection film

Whether it's a kid's birthday party, Super Bowl Sunday, or your teen's annual bash, Carpet Cover saves on carpet cleaning bills. Carpet Cover is designed to protect carpets during heavy traffic situations on a temporary basis. Tough, clear polyethylene carpet film is coated on one side with a heavy ahesive to keep it in place until you decide to remove and discard it. No residue and not harmful to the environment.

Carpet Cover for Redecorating

Plastic Runners

Carpet Cover, a type of self adhesive back plastic runner, is used to protect carpet on a temporary basis during remodeling or redecorating projects. Our carpet protection film is made from tough 3 mil clear polyethylene, and designed to go down easily and stay in place. Reverse wound, sticky side out; simply place the roll down, press the plastic carpet film at the start tab and roll across the area to be protected.

Carpet Cover / Film for Real Estate Open Houses

Plastic Carpet

Whether you're a real estate agent or an individual selling your home, you'll want to protect carpeting from dirty feet during the heavy traffic that comes with your scheduled Open House. Carpet cleaning can be expensive and time consuming, just what you don't need during this hectic time. Eliminate this worry by putting down Carpet Cover, a tough polyethylene runner which is coated and removes easily with no residue. Carpet mask / film is not intended for periods longer than 45 days nor for use in direct sun light.

FREE Shipping and Handling within the continental US.

24" x 200' - 1 roll per case
Price: $49.00
36" x 200' - 1 roll per case
Price: $72.00